Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

An'Karr's Journal, Entry #3

Krayt Fang

So Hygaar and I killed a Hutt today. That was exciting.

When I think back on the last few weeks, of how my bad decision to trust the wrong people led me to a slave cell on Tatooine, and from there into the company of Pash and Hygaar, and from there to the hold of a stolen ship, and Ryloth (I’m still thinking about that dream), and New Geonosis, and back to the other side of that cell with a blaster rifle in my hands that I’ve used to kill a lot of people…I feel tired. I’ve been shot, and chased, and had Trandoshan blood smeared across my face.

I dropped a three-ton chandelier through a Hutt’s head. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write, because those words don’t go together in that order.

We’ve picked up a crew—a droid, a whole damn droid—a Twi’lek mercenary who is, quite frankly, terrifying, and a Wookiee who is as wide as he is tall. They helped us escape the palace, and now, here, they’re a part of our crew on this trash heap called the Krayt Fang. Also we finally found Corellian brandy.

It’s been a while since I thought about ship quality, or anything that I considered commonplace back on the freighter. It feels weird that my mind is preoccupied now with a single thought:

What in the worlds are we going to do now?

And the weirder part about that is:

I have a few ideas.



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