An'karr Fenn

Twi'lek navigator with a bad case of the wanderlust.


Age: 26 GSY
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 167 lbs.
Species: Twi’lek

Career: Explorer
Specialization: Fringer
Motivation: Wanderlust
Obligation: Family

Birthplace: Perlemian Trade Route, aboard Mercurial Warrant


An’karr Fenn was born, and learned to walk, aboard Mercurial Warrant, his parents’ standard BFF-1 bulk freighter. They ran a modest but busy transport and cargo service aboard that ship, predominantly transporting common necessaries and comforts from the Core Worlds (including a fair amount of business on Coruscant) to the Mid- and Outer-Rims along the Perlemian Trade Route. Though his parents are native to Ryloth, An’karr has never been to the homeworld of the Twi’lek people, as their successful business did not intersect with any of the major hyperlanes that led “home”; and given the steady demand for transport since the inception of the Galactic Empire, it was nearly impossible for the family to return.

Throughout his childhood, An’karr had the undivided attention of his parents as their only offspring, and from the earliest of ages was made to be a part of their modest but skilled crew of 6 that kept Mercurial Warrant one of the most reliable freighters working Perlemian. While his father has occupied the pilot’s chair for the past 30 years, An’karr’s mother has managed the business as the supercargo of the entire operation for even longer. An’karr learned the skills inherent to both positions, and is both a competent pilot and a decisive negotiator.

In addition to the three Twi’leks, Mercurial Warrant also employed a human sentinel named Loran, a Sullustan engineer named Dunm, and a Duros navigator named Salo. An’karr had good relationships with all three of them, and given the diversity of the crew and its familiar, almost familial nature, began his intellectual life with a solid understanding of how each being in the universe created and then lived out a unique point of view. He learned the weaponsmithing, marksmanship, and physical wellness from Loran, as well as basic mechanical skills and computer slicing from Dunm. But the bulk of his vocational education—the aspect of his parents’ business that attracted his time and attention the most—was navigation, and he spent most of his hours when not under the strict schoolmatron’s eye of his mother with Salo, who enjoyed the company of the young Twi’lek and taught him the essential skills of the hyperspace navigator. As a result of this time and enthusiasm, An’karr was negotiating hyperspace and sublight traffic on his own by the time he was 12.

When the time finally came for the crew to lose a member, it was Salo who had to return to Coruscant permanently, and at the age of 14 An’karr replaced him as the sixth member of the Mercurial Warrant’s crew, began drawing wages, and worked alongside his father as the navigator of the family business. Salo came to visit whenever business brought the Warrant back to Coruscant, and An’karr used Holonet communication as best he could to keep the aging Duros current on his education and increasing level of expertise as the navigator of a cargo ship.

An’karr’s education continued on every world, with every meeting, and in every situation. He became convinced that the Galactic Empire had overstepped its bounds with its practices, its propaganda, and its choice to prize the human agenda over that of the other races that occupied equally influential spaces within Galactic culture. His reading included political manifestos from the Clone Wars—even a few from Separatist pundits whose writing survived Imperial censorship—and from thinkers all across the galaxy. He collected books from every port he could, and read them repeatedly during his down time aboard Mercurial Warrant. His perspective, and his belief in the authentic, unique point of view that each living being possessed, entrenched themselves in his mind and in his dealings. He became a man of principle, and those principles pushed him towards idealism.

Years passed. An’karr spent almost a decade managing the Mercurial Warrant alongside his parents, who often rebutted his idea of returning to Ryloth, on the basis that they had no remaining family connections to respect or acknowledge with such a trip. Perlemian was their homeworld, such as it was, and neither of An’karr’s parents felt any attachment to Ryloth or any other planet. And it was this disconnect from their heritage, from their roots and the traditions, culture, and history of the Twi’lek people that led to the series of disagreements which would ultimately end the sense of harmony that had defined the cargo ship, and its relationships, for the past two decades.

As the Empire’s finances changed, altering the flow of supply and demand along the Perlemian Trade Route, business slowed throughout the galaxy’s civilized regions. During a particularly slow span for the crew of the Warrant, An’karr worked out a financial plan that would allocate some of the businesses respectable savings for a brief, one week trip to Ryloth, and pitched it as a plan to his parents and to Loran and Dunm.

An'karr Fenn

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