Duke Piddock


Duke Piddock is a well known Geonosian Noble and Arms Dealer residing in Gogum Hive.

The Duke had known ties with Teemo the Hutt, but had suddenly cut them for unknown reasons.

Acting on this tip, Ota had recruited the crew to do a double-cover mission; pose as humble cargo suppliers who are really looking to acquire black market weaponry. But their true mission being to uncover exactly what reasons Duke Piddock had cut ties with Teemo. With that information they could hopefully convince Duke Dimmock of severing his ties with Teemo as well, leaving the Hutt without vital resources.

After gaining his trust with a modest proposal, the crew was able to discern the reasons Piddock severed ties with Teemo as well as provide evidence to Piddock of Teemo’s indiscretions.


Duke Piddock

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